Higher Education Institutions face the challenge of producing ‘fit-for-job’ graduates in response to rapidly changing demands on various job markets. The BioEcoN project develops innovative learning materials that offer students a multidisciplinary perspective in sustainable forest- and bio-economy. By developing a new Master of Science Programme the participating universities modernize, renew and align their curricula towards multidisciplinary skills and competencies necessary for rapidly changing job markets in bio-economy.


  • To design a new multidisciplinary M.Sc. curriculum in sustainable forest- and bio-economy.
  • To develop, test and deliver learning materials for 18 modules with 6 ECTS credits or courses on sustainable forest- and bio-economy.
  • To disseminate best practices in intercultural and inter-institutional settings and intercultural learning in the higher education sector on sustainable forest and bio-economy.
  • To involve local and regional stakeholders such as educators, private business, professional bodies and policymakers from the sector.

Expected outcomes:

  • Syllabi and learning / teaching materials for 18 modules jointly developed by the partners.
  • Increased capacity of faculty members trained in designing and developing the learning / teaching materials of the 18 modules.
  • 100 students trained with the 18 newly developed modules.
  • An e-Learning platform containing learning / teaching materials of the 18 modules for open and free access worldwide.