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The University of Valladolid (UVa), with the sponsorship of the Santander Bank, launches the call for applications for scholarships to undertake official master´s courses at our university in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The scholarships are aimed at female professors of partner universities and at female students from Latin American and Asian countries, preferably Brazil and India.


These scholarships are aimed at:

— Female Professors of partner universities with which UVa has collaborated in the framework of Erasmus Mundus or Erasmus KA107 Programmes over the last 5 years or in the framework of international agreements currently in force and

— Female University graduates with Latin American and Asian nationality and residence.

Candidates must have a minimum average score of 7 points on a scale from 0 to 10 in their graduate academic record.

Applications from candidates who are taking or who have taken a master’s course at a Spanish university will not be eligible. Applicants must not have resided in Spain for more than 12 months during the three years prior to this call. These scholarships cannot be awarded to candidates who have benefited from previous calls.

Candidates must comply with the participation requirements on the last day of the deadline for receipt of applications.

Scholarship amount

The scholarship grant includes:

— 55% of the cost of 60 credits’ tuition fees of the chosen master.

— 650 € per month for accommodation and subsistence, which is exempt from income tax for the duration of the scholarship (maximum nine months).

— Round-trip air-ticket in tourist class to Spain from the scholarship holder’s country of residence, up to a maximum of 350 €.

— Health insurance.

Application procedure

Those who wish to participate in this call must submit the online application to the Vice-Rector for Internationalisation through the following link

Documentation to be attached to the application

Photocopy of the passport. A photocopy of the identity document is also allowed if the passport is not available at the time the application is submitted.

Photocopy of the academic transcript of university studies taken. The transcript must include the official duration in academic years of the studies taken, the courses taken and the marks obtained in each of them with a specific mention of the average grade/mark achieved in the degree as well as the scale in which this average grade/mark is expressed (for instance from 0 to 10, from 1 to 50, from 1 to 100 and so on).

Photocopy of the university degree/diploma or photocopy of a certificate proving that the degree/diploma is in process.

Certification of the university issuing the degree attesting that the degree grants access to studies at the master level in your country, in accordance with the form in Appendix II of the call. A photocopy of a master's degree already taken at the same university issuing the access certificate will be admitted as proof of this.

Curriculum vitae, preferably in EUROPASS format.

Two reference letters, preferably from teachers or persons with whom the applicant had had an academic or labour relationship. These must be signed and must indicate the institution or company to which the signatory belongs as well as his/her email address. Letters have a free format and should be addressed to the “President of the Selection Committee of the Latin America + Asia/University of Valladolid - Santander Bank Scholarship Programme”.

Appendix I: declaration that the applicant has not resided in Spain or has taken a master´s course at a Spanish university. It must be signed by the applicant.

Appendix V: declaration of being up-to-date with Tax and Social Security obligations in Spain. It must be signed by the applicant.

— Additionally and only for those candidates who are professors of partner universities:

Annex III: endorsement letter signed by the Rector of the partner university stating the commitment to reserve the job post to the candidate.

Annex IV: Declaration signed by the application of his/her commitment to return to his/ her country and to continue as professor at his/her origin university once finished the master at UVa.

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