Visitors' Programme

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The visiting students programme allows students from other national or foreign higher education institutions to carry out temporary study periods at the University of Valladolid, outside any national or international mobility programme

General Information

Who can participate?

  • Language requirements: B1 level (CEFRL) certificate of the language of instruction of the courses studied, if it is not the student’s mother tongue.
  • Academic requirements: accreditation of having been enrolled in another national or foreign university at a level of studies equivalent to the courses included in the study programme at the UVa, having passed at least the equivalent to 60 ECTS.
Study Programme

What courses can be studied?

Any course from the UVa bachelor and master programmes, provided that the academic requirements are met and there are places available.

  • The maximum duration of the study period is one academic year. An additional academic year may be studied exceptionally upon reasoned request.
  • A maximum of 60 ECTS per academic year or 30 ECTS per semester may be taken for bachelor’s degree studies.
  • A maximum of 40 ECTS, for master’s degrees of 60 to 90 ECTS, or 60 ECTS, for master’s degrees of more than 90 ECTS, may be taken.
  • For combined bachelor’s and master’s degree studies, a maximum of 60 ECTS per academic year or 30 ECTS per semester may be taken.

Admission applications must be addressed to the International Relations Office through the email address, with the required documents attached:

  • Application PDF.
  • Identity document or passport.
  • Proof of language requirements.
  • Proof of academic requirements.

Once all the required documents have been received and verified, the corresponding academic person responsible will study the admission.

If the study programme includes master’s degree courses, the approval of the coordinator of the corresponding degree will be required.

In accordance with current legislation, admission to the UVa as a visiting student does not imply recognition of the requirements that will grant you access to university.


As soon as the admission is communicated, the student will receive information to register in the UVa academic management system (SIGMA).


  • Proof of language requirements.
  • Medical insurance valid in Spain throughout the stay.
  • Accident insurance that includes international medical transfer and repatriation, valid in Spain throughout the stay.

Upon registration, it is possible to request participation in the Mentor Programme, which provides personalized assistance and attention from student mentors before arrival and during the first months of your stay.


When and where is enrolment carried out?

Enrolment is performed at the UVa International Relations Office:

  • First semester: during the month of September.
  • Second semester: during the month of February.

Students will be informed of the day on which their enrolment will be performed.


Visiting students must pay the following fees1:

Tuition fees2:

  • For nationals of the European Union:
    • Per ECTS credit of bachelor degree studies: 20,38€
    • Per ECTS credit of master's degree studies that give access to regulated professions in Spain: 16,34€
    • Per ECTS credit of master's degree studies that do not give access to regulated professions in Spain: 26,20€
  • For non-European Union nationals:
    • Per ECTS credit of bachelor degree studies: 81,52€
    • Per ECTS credit of master's degree studies that give access to regulated professions in Spain: 65,36€
    • Per ECTS credit of master's degree studies that do not give access to regulated professions in Spain:  104,80€

Administration fees for file opening, university card and general expenses: 66,22€

1 According to the agreement of the Social Council of the UVa on fees for the Visiting Student Program and the Decree that establishes academic fees in the public universities of Castilla y León for the academic year 2023-2024.

2 The minimum amount for academic fees is 215,80 €.

Arrival at the UVa

Welcome and orientation day for exchange students.

It is held a few days before the beginning of each semester, in September and February. Information about this event is sent by email well in advance.

Information on procedures, the enrollment process and other useful details for the whole academic stay is provided during this event, so attendance is highly recommended.


Academic Certificate

At the end of their stay, visiting students will receive an academic certificate stating the courses studied, the grades obtained and the credits (ECTS) passed.

Studies carried out as a visiting student will not lead, in any case, to obtaining a degree at the University of Valladolid.

Visiting students who wish to start official studies at the University of Valladolid will have to pass the admission process for bachelor or master studies.


If you have any questions, you can contact us at:

UVa - Universidad de Valladolid, España
Servicio de Relaciones Internacionales
Casa del Estudiante
C/ Real de Burgos s/n

Contact Person: Raquel Chico
Telephone: +34 983 42 37 19

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