International Semester in Commerce - Facultad de Comercio (Valladolid)

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International Semester in Commerce – Facultad de Comercio (Valladolid)
  • This programme offers a full semester (30 ECTS credits) taught in English.
  • Dates: spring semester, February to June.
  • Programme structure: 30 ECTS to choose from the courses offered.
41009 International Trade Syllabus Schedule
75016 Consumer Behaviour Syllabus Schedule
75017 Human Resources and Sales Force Management Syllabus Schedule
75073 Cultural Economics Syllabus Schedule
54509 Contemporary International Legal System Syllabus Schedule
54804 International Tax System Syllabus Schedule
54808 Expatriate Executives and Workers Management Syllabus Schedule
54508 Cultural Styles of Negotiation and Protocol in Asia Syllabus Schedule
75070 New Western Approaches to the Study of Far Eastern Cultures Syllabus Schedule
75071 Rhetorical Techniques Syllabus Schedule
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