University services and facilities

The UVa helps students to find accommodation before their arrival, based on students’ preferences.

Different options for permanent accommodation are available:

  • Individual room in a student flat, sharing a kitchen, living room and bathroom: the approximate cost of the room is 250-300€/month. Upon arrival, students are normally required to pay a one-month deposit.
  • University halls of residence: Single or double room, with or without bathroom. The price per room varies from around 300 €/month for accommodation only up to around 600 €/month for full board. Payment for university halls of residence is by the month. You can find information on student halls of residence here.
  • Accommodation with Spanish families: in an individual room and with full board (which includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner). Approximate cost: 600 €/month.
Other information
  • The cost of living is around 350-400€/month.

The University of Valladolid has two university canteens on the Valladolid campus:

  • "Alfonso VIII" Canteen - Pº. Prado de la Magdalena 6, 47011, Valladolid
  • "El Apartamento" Canteen - Camino del Cementerio 22, 47011, Valladolid

The cost is around 6€ per meal.

There are also cafeteria services available in most faculties and schools on the University of Valladolid campuses.

The University of Valladolid has an extensive network of libraries.

  • You can consult the list of available books and publications as well as reserve them or renew loans through their website:
  • You can also access the documents created by the university students and teaching staff in the UvaDoc repository:

Each centre has its own library.

The Valladolid Campus has more general libraries:

Reina Sofía General Library

Chancillería, 4 - 47003 Valladolid

Webpage Tel. +34 983 423029

Santa Cruz Historical Library

Plaza Santa Cruz, 8 - 47002 Valladolid

Webpage Tel. +34 983 184271/184001

European Documentation Centre

Plaza Santa Cruz, 5, 3ª Planta - 47002 Valladolid

Webpage Tel. +34 983 423009

For those wishing to do sport, the university offers the following specialities: basketball, handball, volleyball, rugby, football, five-a-side-football, athletics, cross-country, long-distance running, skiing, (Basque) pelota, frontenis, chess, badminton, tennis, table-tennis, judo, squash, karate, as well as different types of physical education courses.

For these activities, the university has the following sports facilities:

  • “Fuente la Mora” Sports Centre- Carretera de Renedo de Esgueva VA-140 km3.2 -
    Located 4 km from the centre of Valladolid, it is a sports complex equipped with the latest modern facilities with a swimming pool and indoor courts for basketball, handball, gymnastics, volleyball, frontenis, (Basque) pelota; as well as outdoor facilities with rugby and football pitches, an athletics track, cross-country and long-distance running facilities and tennis courts. There is a bus service to the centre of Valladolid.
  • Ruiz Hernández multi-purpose sports centre - Calle Ruiz Hernández, 16, 47002, Valladolid
Further information:

University of Valladolid Sports Service

Ruiz Hernández, 16

Webpage Tel. +34 983 423000 Ext. 4080

At each university centre, you can also contact a sports expert who can inform you.

Business and Employment – Company internships

Casa del Estudiante, ground floor

Real de Burgos, s/n

Webpage Tel. +34 983 423 640


Medical Services (Psychology, Gynaecology, and Speech Therapy)

Faculty of Medicine

Ramón y Cajal, 7


Tel. +34 983 423000 Ext. 4052


University Ombudsman

Plaza de Santa Cruz, 6 – second floor

Webpage Tel. +34 983 423790


Students’ Legal Advice Service

Casa del Estudiante, first floor – Manager’s Area

Real de Burgos, s/n Tel. +34 983 423561


Buendía Centre – Cultural activities

"Condes de Buendía" Building

C/ Juan Mambrilla, 14. 47003. Valladolid

Webpage Tel. +34 983 18 7805


University Choir

Alfonso VIII University Hall of Residence

Real de Burgos, s/n - 47011 Valladolid



University of Valladolid Youth Orchestra

Alfonso VIII University Hall of Residence

Calle Real de Burgos, s/n - 47011 Valladolid

Webpage Tel. +34 983 186 510 


University Mountaineering Group

Ruiz Hernández Sports Centre

Ruiz Hernández, 16 - 47002 Valladolid

Wednesday and Thursday 20:30 to 21:30

Webpage Tel. +34 983 185 224, +34 693 209 065


University IT Group

School of Information Technology Engineering, office 1D031

Campus Miguel Delibes, Paseo de Belén, 15 - 47011 Valladolid


For further information, visit the university’s general webpage:

The Secretariat for Social Affairs is a University of Valladolid service whose action includes overcoming barriers that hinder access of students with various disabilities to university studies.

To achieve this, the Secretariat for Social Affairs promotes a number of activities such as direct support from classmates through accompaniment, help in the classroom, help following the classes, etc.

Also offered is technical support during the enrolment period, text recordings for those with visual impairments, acquisition of specially adapted equipment when it is considered necessary, special arrangements for extra time during examinations, etc.

If you have any disability that affects access to your academic centre because of physical barriers or if you have any difficulties following the lessons, seminars or tutorials due to a physical or sensorial limitation, contact the Secretariat for Social Affairs:

Casa del Estudiante

Real de Burgos, s/n - 47011 Valladolid

Tel. +34 983 423977 — e-mail: