19 de septiembre de 2018
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International Relations Office

University of Valladolid

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The University of Valladolid created the Visiting Student Programme in 1999 in view of the increasing number of Spanish and foreign students who would like to take courses at the UVa outside of the framework of any exchange programme and also aware of the role of the University in long life learning education. (Regulation on Visiting Students passed on July 8th 1999, Official Regional Bulletin of July 27th, 1999)

Who can participate

Spanish and foreign University students or University degree holders who have a good knowledge of Spanish. Students can only register for a semester or for a full academic year.

Documents to be presented

* Application form duly filled [PDF ]  [Word ]

* A photograph.

* Photocopy of Passport (ID for European citizens).

* Document which makes prove of being or having been registered in a Spanish or a foreign University.

* Document which makes prove of the knowledge of Spanish language.

* Application form for accommodation (optional) [ PDF ]  [Word ]

Deadline and place to present the documents required

* Students who are interested in studying at the UVA for the full academic year or for the first semester (September- February): until the 31st August.

* Students who are interested in studying at the UVA for the second semester (February-June): until the 15th January.

The documents required should be sent to raquel.chico@uva.es or seccion.relaciones.internacionales@uva.es


The Vice-Rectorate for Internationalization and Linguistic Policy, after consultation with the Faculties or University Schools involved, is in charge of the admission of the applicant. Once admitted, the International Office will send the admission letter to the student and will inform about the subjects to be registered, the date and time to register, the accommodation options, etc.


* The maximum number of credits to be registered is 60 for the full academic year or 30 credits for one semester.

* The courses taken will never allow the Visiting Student to get an official degree at the UVA.

* It is mandatory for the student to have a valid medical insurance (European Health Insurance Card recommended) for the whole stay at our University, including international medical evacuation and repatriation.

* Visiting Students will receive a University transcript of records at the end of their stay.

Public prices per academic services (updated annually)


Fees per academic services during academic year 2018-2019 are 23.34 Euro per credit (minimum total academic fees 292.49 Euro).


Fees per academic services during academic year 2018-2019 are 93.35 Euro per credit (minimum total academic fees 292.49 Euro).

Public prices per extra services (updated annually)

Fees per extra services (General administrative expenses, student insurance, student card and creation of students file) are 61.22 Euro.


  • - Detailed information regarding public prices per academic and extra services available here.
  • - Visiting Students are offered free wireless Internet access.