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Foreign Students Guide

University of Valladolid

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Student registration

There are two different categories of students: those who study within the framework of an Erasmus programme or a Bilateral agreement and those who wish to enrol at the University on their own (VISITING STUDENTS).

Erasmus and bilateral agreements students

These students must fill on line the Foreign Students Registration Form, which is available at www.relint.uva.es/incoming/inicio.asp

Once finished, the Registration Form must be signed by the student and e-mailed to seccion.relaciones.internacionales@uva.es o incoming@uva.es attaching as well the following documents:

  1. Identity card or passport.
  2. A document which makes prove of your B1 level of Spanish language.
  3. A passport sized photograph.
  4. Learning Agreement (ERASMUS)
  5. Contrato de estudios (Bilateral agreement)

Students that are going to stay at our university for the whole academic year or the first term must email the documents by the 30th of April.

Students that are going to stay at our university for the second term must email the documents by the 30th of October.

These students obtain their acceptance automatically.

Visiting students

This students must email to seccion.relaciones.internacionales@uva.es the application form for admission available in the International Relations Office web site: www.relint.uva.es/EN/Visiting/info.asp

Students wishing to study for the complete academic year or the first term must send it before the 31st of August.

Students wishing to study for the second term must send it before the 15th of January.

Together with the application form, they must send the following documents:

  1. Passport or identuty card.
  2. Document providing that the student is or has been registered in a Spanish or a foreign University.
  3. Document providing their knowledge of Spanish language.
  4. A passport sized photographs.

The Vice-Rector for Internationalization and Linguistic Policy, after consultation with the International Relations Co-ordinator of the Faculty involved, is in charge of the admission of the applicant. Once admitted, the International Office will inform the student and will also issue an Acceptance Letter.

After on line registration, a Personal Area for students will be available at www.relint.uva.es/estudiantesExtranjeros/inicio.asp where they will find updated information about their personal academic status, accommodation, the contact information of their responsible proffesor, etc.

All students who arrive to Valladolid must promptly visit the International Relations Office at the Casa del Estudiante, Real de Burgos, s/n (Opening hours: from Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 14 PM) in order to register and receive important information. The students that are going to study in the University Campuses of Soria, Segovia or Palencia must visit instead their responsible responsible in the Faculty or University School in the Campus.


seccion.relaciones.internacionales@uva.es or incoming@uva.es in order to enrol.

Enrolment calendar

Students wishing to study in the first semester or for the whole year must enrol in October.
Students wishing to study for the second semester must enrol in February.

Documents required for the enrolment

Learning Agreement, duly signed by the coordinators of the programme afrom the home and host universities. (Instead of the Learning Agreement, Visiting students must present a copy of their application form duly signed).

European Health Insurance Card or private medical insurance which clearly mentions it covers foreign countries, or at least Spain. This private insurance can also be obtained once the student arrives to Universidad de Valladolid.

They will need an international medical evacuation and repatriation insurance.


  1. All students are required to pay the officially established FEES for extra services after the enrolment: Opening of student file, Student Card, Student Insurance, and Administrative General Expenses.
  2. Students with no MEDICAL INSURANCE cannot be enrolled.
  3. Students who would like to study at the University of Valladolid, must have a good knowledge of SPANISH, because most of the courses are given in Spanish. Nevertheless, the University of Valladolid also offers some courses taught in English that may be of your interest. Information available here.

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